Chad Tillison

NAME: Chad Tillison

FROM: Ohio

PROFESSION: Motivational and Inspirational 

BIO: I had always had a passion for athletic sports including the motivational side ever since I was young. Being part of the sport teams made me feel like I belonged. As I became an adult my uncle got me into Christ and Fitness. He taught me everything I know about the gym and weights. It has put a passion in me to help others in the fitness side of it and on the mental side of it. I’ve started to study to get my personal and nutrition certification. I currently work at Smith Dairy Foods on the production side. I work hard and help raise my four children who also have a passion to work out. My goal is to get on stage one day and compete in the classic physique level. This is a dream I’ve had of joining a great supplement team that I believe in and who believes in me, so that we can touch the fitness industry and get people to see results together.